Saturday, February 17, 2018

Famous actor in famous show speaks out on Florida shooting tragedy

Big Bang television show actor is severely criticized for his recent tweet regarding the Valentine’s Day slaughter in Florida and the criticism is exactly why America is a deeply troubled and socially challenged society. Quite often the scary aspect of what goes on in America is revealed not always in the article or the essay or the news story BUT in the reactions by hundreds, thousands and more Americans so scroll down articles and read the forums and you will confront the true/real American; the opinions, the philosophies, the world views held by many Americans. Sometimes you will see common bonds and feel there is hope but at other times the level of hatred, the narrowness and racist comments will leave you cold and empty and afraid.

Johnny Galecki Says People Were ‘Outraged’ by His Response to Florida Shooting

Tim Kenneally

Johnny Galecki apparently made some enemies with his response to Wednesday’s school shooting.
“The Big Bang Theory” star took to Instagram on Friday to say that many people were “outraged and threatened and angered” by his call for change after the Florida high school shooting that left 17 people dead.

“In my last couple of posts, I’ve not suggested a single idea for new gun laws or background checks or even mental illness issues after the latest school murders in Florida. I only suggested change. And yet many folks were outraged and threatened and angered by only that,” the actor wrote.
According to Galecki, some critics of his response un-followed his account, which is “fine” with him, while others suggested he should pack his bags, which was less fine with the actor.

“REALLY? You feel there’s zero change needed?” Galecki wrote. “You hate and want me out of the country and belittle my opinion after three generations of my fathers served and gave their lives because I suggest it’s not shameful to maybe explore taking a page from another country where their children haven’t been mass murdered in a school shooting in over 20 years?”
Ultimately, Galecki had two words for those that had un-followed him on social media: “good riddance.”

“At this point I say to the un-followers, good riddance. I’m sorry that the suggestion of a conversation frightened you off. You have no interest in having any conversation and I have no interest in wasting my time trying to convince you to be a more evolved human being,” Galecki wrote. “Those of you that will stay, despite our shared heartbreak at times, I plead with you to find energy to rise and dissent and make change.”

On Wednesday, after news of the deadly shooting broke, Galecki took politicians in the U.S. to task, writing on Instagram that it was time to make a change and that “saying you’re sorry isn’t enough.”
“In 1929, four professional mobsters used four guns to kill seven people and it has since been known as the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre,” Galecki wrote Wednesday. “Today, a lone, disturbed teenager killed 17 people with a single weapon. To the president, Congress and our Senators — a sentiment you may have heard on previous Valentine’s Days for differing reasons — Sometimes saying you’re sorry isn’t enough, you need to make changes.”

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