Saturday, February 17, 2018

Essay by Steven Pelcman

Information regarding the second amendment of the US Constitution-click

America, as an agricultural country in the times of the Revolutionary war, and thereafter until the expansion of the country and the Manifest destiny that called for men, women, children to go beyond the borders of civilization, had a pioneer mentality. Confronting Indian tribes, wild animals and dangerous men required bearing arms. In an age of colonialism and wars on the Frontier such as the Indian wars, wars against France and Great Britain at a time when the forests, mountains and trails west were wild, unknown and threatening it is understandable that protecting oneself was necessary. Even if we watch early films from the early 1900s till the 1960s we see the evolution of civilization in the sense that in the beginning townspeople carried guns until true law and order was established and in films we started to see that guns were no longer tolerated by regular townsfolk who slowly stopped carrying guns. Community, town building, developing societies brought about change. The fathers of the nation having lived in an age when fighting a war against Great Britain meant that if they had been caught they might have been executed for treason fully understood the need for citizenry support; every man bring your rifle and defend your desire to be free of Great Britain and build an American nation where one can practice their own beliefs, have independence to build the life they want where they want. It is all understood through the lens of that time and carrying the fear of the Revolutionary war with them and the fact that America was a weak and poor nation in its beginning, the threat of world powers was always real so of course, as a nation, men should have the right to bear arms, protect their families, their homes and their new nation.

I find it difficult to believe that the Founders such as Jefferson, Adams, Washington and so many others; men who were religious or at least observing and practicing in their beliefs envisioned a world where an ex student would walk into a classroom and murder 17 people within 6 minutes. The desire to create an educational society was a major component of America’s founding. Education was central to the development of America. From philosophical, intellectual, mental, religious and practical perspectives, I cannot personally believe that such great men as the Founders who were well educated, learned of philosophy and what the Greeks, the French, the Romans had thought and how they had understood the world, would have ever produced a constitutional amendment that could have endangered America’s youth. They defined the need for arms in the case that if America were to be threatened for the populace to help whatever military was in place to defend the nation. It was already understood that weapons were needed for self-protection and for hunting or for sport BUT other than in times of wars or the racial conflict between settlers and Native Americans, have you ever read of stories even in those days of children being slaughtered or of constant massacres taking place across the nation where so many innocent people were murdered? Not even in the days and times when American faced such great danger did our youth or schools feel as threatened as they do now.

The 20th and 21st century phenomena of mass murder using military type weapons by many people who are either afflicted with emotional or mental illnesses is NOT something envisioned by the Founders. They were such wise people as to think of the information and concepts that make up the great documents that American life is guided by; the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence. Do you really think they were thinking that all Americans should have guns for any reason and to use them against other Americans and for there to be almost no regulations or laws that allows for social responsible control mechanisms in place? Would men who created those documents and who created a system of democracy and government truly write a law or add an amendment that would be defined and interpreted as it has been in modern times? I do not think so. I do not think that the manner of evolution of American society towards gun ownership could possibly have been a part of the philosophy or beliefs of the men that created those documents. They would have never envisioned the NRA and the positions that organization takes in terms of gun usage in the USA. At the core of those great Americans in the 1700s and 1800s was the building up of a society that would one day be great, be global, be friends with other nations, be a leader. Within those aims, there is no place for random killings, gun laws so loose and dangerous as to threaten the lives of the young. Those men also understood the economics of the times back then and envisioned what may be necessary for America to grow economically and militarily strong. They knew what great nations did to become world powers. They had Rome, Greece, France and Great Britain as role models. They knew what was necessary. They knew the role a military would have to play. Jefferson knew that to expand and grow going west was necessary which is why Lewis and Clark and the opening of the west occurred.

They never ever dreamed how the use of weapons would evolve as we have seen in the 20th and 21st centuries. Even after the Wild Wild West and the Roaring Twenties, the mobs and gangsters of the early 1900s till the 1970s and all of the challenges and uncontrolled growth of a nation destined to be great, did any of the Founders think that any person could buy a gun anywhere and use it freely to kill and maim and destroy the lives of boys and girls, teachers and administrators in America’s classrooms.

There needs to be change. Change is good because it comes about after a national discussion of the challenges that face a nation. After the Depression, FDR created change. Regardless of how you may define the outcome of that change, change was needed, and it saved the lives of many Americans. In an age of great corruption, of graft and buying political power, age of where racism still lives, of greed and anger, of world issues that are dangerous, of competition and global issues endangering the planet, only change can change the course we are on. Remember that greed and corruption of the post-Civil war years, the union strikes and riots, the Depression and gangsters like Capone and the Mafia families, the many wars and the evolutionary and trans-formative 1960s and 1970s and even throughout all of that history we did not experience the unreal danger of such uncontrolled and unregulated gun usage in America as we do in current times. Politicians that take NRA money, that do nothing to change the laws to protect Americans, that put their careers and their wallets first are complicit in the murders that take place. If you are the driver of a getaway car during a bank robbery and someone is killed, and you are caught, you go to jail as if you had participated in the crime and are guilty just like the murderer. Even if you do not pull the trigger it does not mean you are not responsible. Politicians that refuse to protect their citizens should be held accountable and be responsible for the crimes that could possibly be stopped or lessened if preventive gun laws were in place. If those politicians do not act, do not change laws, do not take a stand against the NRA, continue to take NRA money and do not care about the people they are sworn to protect then they should be held responsible and taken to court just like any other criminal that participated in the crime.

VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE. Make politicians pay the price that any other citizen would have to pay. Stop this elitist social class that thinks they are above the law. Sadly, America has gone backward. Those that think fewer regulations that allows for greater wealth will in time live to regret their decisions. Their grandchildren will pay the price for reduced regulations when global warming starts to erode land, when pollution starts to kill the young and the elderly, when land is destroyed and no longer usable, when racists start developing a culture that had eventually led to World War Two. The world is logical, and you cannot run from logic. What you know is good for you in the short run but only because of money, will eventually destroy you in the long run. That is how life and logic work no matter what you say or think, you cannot change it. And if by then, the rest of the world has passed America by, you will then understand that the AGE OF Trump; is America’s downfall.

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