Sunday, April 2, 2017

Opinion on generational differences

It is a natural inherent evolutionary experience to age and see the distance between your generation and the one right behind you and the richer and more comfortable the generation quite often the less productive they are, the less curious they are, the less they may possibly develop and evolve.

As an older person, I learned about life on the streets, from newspapers, to a limited degree from parents who were unable to even finish public school due to WW2, from extensive reading across a broad spectrum of interests and disciplines from history to literature, art to music, geography and culture to food and photography to film and other medias to various components of science to philosophy and so on and that is not today's young person's world. I played a lot of sports and then went home and wrote poetry.

My world as a mainstream life experience is dead. The generations that followed mine showed generational degrees of interest and activity evolving away from many world frameworks that defined most of world history and pursued IT mostly to the point that few people of the ages 18-40 are able to write and write well and that also represents their oral skills which I can guarantee you represents their ability to think, process information and spontaneously interact.

Yes, there are those in science or communication fields that may hold onto some or even a reasonable amount of skills that defined previous generations but they are by far not the mainstream or average individual.

We have more information but fewer individuals able to use it effectively. This does not mean life is hopeless, not by any means nor does it mean that there aren’t many people who are quite intelligent and engaged and developing to the good of all, there are but it does mean that we have drifted away from many basic skills and should there be a world wide catastrophe it is doubtful that the world will have retained the level of skills required to further mankind in a manner required.

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