Saturday, April 1, 2017

Comment on Trump

I tried to tell everyone a long, long time ago that you cannot translate a strength in one area to another area unless you have the intellect, the know-how and the understanding of the inner workings of any given concept. Many people, as an example truly believed that Trump could make deals and would be strong and I totally disagreed-with everybody actually who voiced that sentiment because I understood that success in one aspect of life does not always mean success in another area and as soon as Trump spoke only in generalities, well, it is easy to see the huckster and car salesman in anyone who is unable to answer the fine line bottom-line questions. That is always either a lack of knowledge or an inability to communicate and both are troublesome whereas one may be due to laziness, as an example but both are due to a lack of skill and/or intellect.

Vanity and ego and the thirst for power and glory always get in the way-George Custer faced the same accusations, Grant was a poor president because he had no knowledge of politics or how it worked. I would hope that each person is an expert in their industry because although being an expert does not guarantee success, which is determined on/by many factors not always in one’s control, without that expertise you can only succeed by luck or by underhanded activities. I knew Trump could not succeed-you do not trust winning a war with the mind set, skill and understanding of fighting a war to a private-we have generals who are trained in every aspect of the military for that. Trump is a private in politics and regardless of what he may or may not have been in business is IRRELEVANT in politics. He is doomed to failure because of who he is regardless of the issues. This is NOT to say that many aspects of government, programs and so on do not need change/fixing/reassessment, etc. as they may but Trump is not the man to achieve any of that and neither is Pence who ingests too much religion into his political views especially when there is so much protesting that one must follow the constitution so if one does, then the separation of church and state must be observed-with Pence it will not be. I am not totally opposed to religion, not at all but I totally distrust institutional religion because all one has to do is read history and see how religion has been used as a tool. I never question anyone's belief system but religion has been as bad as it has been good for mankind. This is due to the human condition which is why when there is total open freedom even within the laws so many are abusive-it is why when people were made to convert their religion and if they did not so they were often murdered-ie American Indians and why stockbrokers with zero remorse were able to do what they did ruining so many lives without there being any justice whatsoever-institutionalization is only as good as the people that manage it and their values-it is why Trump can never be good for the American people. He does not possess the character, personality, value system, history, intellect, wisdom or understanding that is required to lead America at this time in history.

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