Sunday, July 14, 2019


You know, I have sent tons of articles about America for a long time and the more I read and see what is going on, the more I understand how incredibly corrupt the USA is. People are against each other and at each other's throats; racism and antisemitism are both increasing and more than anything else evil Trump has done he has also shown America to itself and the world what it really is; a deeply troubled nation that easily turns on itself, often morally bankrupt, full of conflict and in constant search of a stable identity. The issues of violence, gun laws, opioid use, republicans vs democrats with no backbone to stand up to a man so corrupt and so empty of humanity and for goodness sake, there are a multitude of reasons and millions of examples to see how America is troubled. It has always been a nation of a conflicted evolution and truth has been fleeting throughout its history. If you read American history you realize black people were basically slaves and made no contributions whatsoever to America and yet, that is far from the truth. These are just examples and yes, America has also offered the world some positives but today, the world no longer respects the country, it instead fears the country which is exactly what Trump had wanted all along. He thinks fear makes a person or a country great and so many support him short term but when the long term reveals how America has been deeply wounded as a nation, that is when the price will be paid. When global warming affects a country unprepared, when trade finds a way to eventually get around America, when the dollar is no longer the measurement stick, when enough violence and people unable to get health coverage, when politics is at such a stalemate that nothing politically happens that benefits the majority of Americans, you will see the country become a second tier nation. History shows all nations can rise but those that do, in time, fall. Logic, eventually always wins out.  


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