Friday, May 10, 2019

A thought

Just a thought

179 countries in the world have protection of women and women’s rights built into their constitutions but America has no such constitutional right. 4 women in America are murdered every day by men they know or are their partners. It seems rich white men have always dominated life in America and many such men who dominate American political life are those who defend gun rights at the cost of human lives. Children die daily because of this cultural position turned into laws that defend a culture that feeds into class division, adds to racism, rails against “the other” regardless of who “the other” may be, manipulates religious values to become a defensive tool for a lifestyle that is often hypocritical. These men are often gender biased, redefine social programs governed and democratically practiced as socialism demeaning its democratic framework in other countries, are responsible for financially ensuring the middle class are unable to grow and prosper, often advocate military action to maintain world control and apparently have little cross culture knowledge, are narrow minded in how they see people, judge and have expectations only based on their vision of what is right.  There is no such thing as American exceptionalism. It has not existed for any country at any time. The inference of the concept of exceptionalism is codex for “being right, for the attempt to dominate people, countries, trade, banks, the rule of law. Exceptionalism suggests that one culture and country is better than every other which is of course contrary to what any country’s history reflects. Wars, slavery, gender inequality as examples do not reflect what exceptionalism suggests. The term is a brainwashed, egotistical, historically inaccurate, manipulated communication talking point that is as unrealistic as possible. Every country is flawed and has a history to be ashamed of. Every country has also positively contributed to the evolution of the world and has had men and women that have made positive differences. That is as good as it gets.

With the global warming danger, food and water in jeopardy of becoming insufficient, trade wars, countries leaning nationalistic and populist, world organizations that have guided world order becoming irrelevant, east vs west civil and social, religious and cultural wars undermining life everywhere, with median age rising in most nations, with the extinction of the animal and insect kingdoms, with pollution and plastics overwhelming the planet, with increased gender inequality and countries once leading the world becoming lone wolves, it is time to create a different world order.


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