Sunday, March 24, 2019

Thoughts of the day March 24 2019

Thoughts of the day

The question is: Why do people want more conservatism? 

I would imagine the reasons for more conservatism are different and may be reliant on culture and history. A European country may want more because historically having a strong leader with a fixed philosophy has been a stabilizing factor even though freedoms were curtailed and more regulated. The USA may want more conservatism due to its core religious beliefs such as its position on abortion or laws that are more closely related to gospel teachings such as nudity and sexual behavior out of marriage and also to freedoms in the Constitution such as the 2nd amendment which I have always believed were full of manipulated and brainwashed definitions. Laws follow history and culture and depending on who controls the politics they either become more liberal and flexible, which is why you might have environmental protections, or they become more restricted and more pro-business which is why environmental laws are stricken down. Culture and history, topics most people are ignorant about.

I may be foolish, probably am, but I believe if you ever got Trump into a one on one to debate the meaning of socialism, the varied philosophical differences of different governmental systems such as communism vs social democracy, etc. that you'd be able show his ignorance and inability to communicate and this his entire approach; to lie and misconceive, manipulate and brainwash and that it can easily be communicated as to why social democracy works and what the differences are to capitalism.

It's simple. As an example: universities in USA are very expensive because money is more important than people. They are relatively free or cost almost nothing in Europe because people are more important than money.

But politicians, even well-meaning ones are playing Trump's game rather than their own which is why they'll lose.

I'll tell you something else. I am not an historian or a professor of politics and government or a researcher but what I think is that everyone facing Trump now and in 2016 were afraid to lose while the entire time Trump was afraid to win. When you are afraid to lose you act one way, often defensive and careful. When you are afraid to win, your subconsciousness might make you feel one way and say things other ways because inside you are deeply conflicted and often what comes out are random thoughts that are full of who you really are, such as someone who curses even though they know they are in a place where cursing is abnormal or shows their true beliefs such as racism; your behavior has no logic and is inappropriate. The consequence is that it can be defined as "speaking your mind, not being politically correct" therefore appealing to many people as genuine and yet, what it really is, is hiding and covering up for your deficiencies. But the opposition is too unsure and do not attack you because they then help you to become the victim and you then become the underdog. People like underdogs. I believe that is what happened in 2016 plus that when you lie to people about things that address their real concerns, so they tend to want to believe you because no one else in the past has and so they vote for you. The combination of the above is what helped Trump win. Think about the fact that he had no policies, does not understand government or world politics, was a terrible business person as he went into bankruptcy many times, lied and bullied his way through the system and became rich through these means, does not read very much or understand deep intellectual thought, has no real charisma based on charm or personality or good looks or finesse with language and is generally disliked by most people who meet him so how did a guy like that win-see the above.

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