Sunday, March 10, 2019

Political statement-be advised

It is incredulous to think that any person with morals, someone who does not cheat on his wife/her husband, does not steal, treats members of his/her community with some sense of respect, does not attack people, criticize them not for just what they have done but for who they are and belittles them in order to cause hurt and damage to their humanity, who believes in good will, who cares about ethics and is not racist as so many members of religious communities confess that these are their values, can at the same time fall in love with a man as corrupt and morally empty as Trump.

Everyone has done things they are not proud about. The closet full of skeletons is a closet in every household in the world but to be so hypocritical and to support any person on any level and at any age knowing full well that the person they are in support of lives a life full of the opposites of which we speak, is unconscionable and makes a mockery of all the beliefs they say they live and represent.

And again, hearing about socialism and that America is a free country and will remain so, is such a joke. America has never been a free country as anyone could tell you if they were still alive from the past or is aware in the present, about the sweatshops and the company store mentality and practices, about slavery and gerrymandering, about the poor that died building a transcontinental railroad, and the lack of equality, the late female right to vote and the differences in female pay vs male pay and so on and of the Jim crow laws and the USA prison population, of how the justice system works or rather, does not work. None of those experiences represent freedom yet politicians still cry aloud, that America is the freest country in the world. If it were so free and so great why do the stats show how poorly America does in world ranking regarding education, health, happiness, crime and so on?

Then when we come to socialism, the definition and practices of socialism are projected on to countries that do not practice socialism but rather practice democracy with socialist characteristics. There is a great difference which is never pointed out to anyone in America. If a country engages in globalism, has transparency in its elections, has a democratic institution of government where people freely vote, if said country has laws and policies that are transparent and with legal representation available to all equally (money not withstanding), if trade and goods and consumerism is based on open capitalistic principles then that country is democratic. If said country then integrates socialist programs in agreement with its people, big business and government in order to establish policies that provide a foundation whereby all people or the vast majority of people can live in a social framework that guarantees rights that protect them, such as health care or laws that set guidelines so that neither big business or government can be abusive without protective measures for the common man, so to speak, then those programs are a means of allowing the citizenry an equal voice in the life of its country and people. If we then take an example of a country practicing social democracy and find that the country functions, produces, interacts in world markets and is a global player but still offers said socially based programs then what is the problem? If a country, based on its size, population and effectiveness can compete and succeed for the most part but offers its workforce, as an example, far more rights such as more vacation time, or parental leave or child care or health insurance coverage for all but still competes economically then why label it “socialist” meaning, no freedom, no populace control, no choices defining it as evil?

If one cannot see these tactics as corrupt and part of an agenda to brainwash and manipulate then one is a blind fool. Not only blind, it shows how easy it is to lead those who are ill informed, have no higher education or are simply ignorant of the world in which they live.

This is exactly what American politicians would want. It is interesting how an educated college/university individual with a degree can get a degree from a European institution and not pay anything or so little that it almost amounts to nothing, get a job, compete and build a life without the debt an American student in the USA inherits. I am not exactly a Bernie Sanders fan, yet he would be treated differently if the American people were smarter about what socialism is and how it is practiced, not as socialism but rather as a democratic principle with social functionality.

And interestingly enough, America does the same thing. The military, the post office, the boy and girl scouts, a bowling team, three guys sharing equally the costs and getting a pizza, it is all socialist in nature.

Don’t people feel shocked that the American Congress has health plans that are far greater than the average American worker. Why?

America lives based on one principle and one principle alone, make as much money as you can because that is what makes you successful. That is what matters most. And for many that is also codex to set aside values and principles, see Wall-street for examples, to cheat and connive-see all the scams and robbery that goes on in America, to understand how morally corrupt America really is. That does not mean that there aren’t tons of Americans that are not good people, but you are living in a system that is not good and history can prove that to anyone on any given day. Does it mean that America has never done things that are good or good for the world, NO, but the NO which means America has done a great deal that is good for the world should not be an excuse to justify all else it has done.

There are no great countries just some great times and great people and great events. And every country is responsible for the wrongs it has committed but there is only one country in the world with an ego and a habit of delusion that denies its own history and sees itself as great and that is the USA. That is why Trump won, not because he is a good man, he isn’t, not because he had the right policies at the right time, he didn’t have any real policies and wouldn’t know what works regardless, he won because he fed into the corrupt, twisted delusion of what and how America sees itself and he used those emotions as tools to win. 


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