Saturday, December 15, 2018

Bergen, Norway and hotel tip

Bergen, Norway is a gem of a city. Cobble-stoned streets, harbor, fortress and cable cars to the hills above the city to watch the sun set, Fjord tours using trains, buses, boats, incredible landscape, small villages nearby, a world of hills and snow-capped mountains, a city full of energy and flair, color and charm, people who are open and communicative, the English language used well and all the time, great shopping, a city of cafes and restaurants, clean and picturesque. Not cheap but there is a gem of a hotel; the Thon Hotel Orion, inner-city, great offer of a grand breakfast and inclusive of dinner, spacious rooms and truly a communicative and friendly staff and the price is more than right for what you get. Bergen should be anyone's great cities to visit list.

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