Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Comment on recent Senate hearings for Supreme Court Justice

I heard Senator Lindsay Graham (Republican) in the Senate hearing room for hearings about advise and consent regarding a supreme court Justice candidate yesterday, comment in reaction to Democratic senators arguing that the hearing was unfair due to the lack of paperwork not forwarded, or given late the night before and paperwork the white House was holding back saying:

"If you lost the election you do not get the right to pick judges."

How someone can be a Senator and literally redefine what democracy means is unreal. In the past 10 years beginning with Obama's administration till now; I believe America has so drastically changed with politicians engaged in such divisive behavior much alike the Civil War days during the early 1860s. The comment Graham made actually means that when you lose you are no longer allowed to weigh in, that your opinions representing half of America are no longer relevant and here I was thinking that elected officials are supposed to represent all of America. So, now we are in an age where only if you win, do your opinions and decisions matter. Should that philosophy take hold in all human relationships no one would be married, there would be no students in classes, there would be no peace treaties, no cures for diseases and so on because only those in charge can ever be right, only those who own a company or sell a product, etc. can ever be in charge and make a decision and the rest of the world would be irrelevant or enslaved and have to go along and accept with no choice. The concept of customer service would no longer exist as there would be no need.

I find that what has taken place in American politics to become only about winning and losing and so I wonder, what do you need people in a country for since they no longer matter.  After all, aren't these elected officials supposed to represent the voice of the people and when that voice is rejected outright because some of them have "lost" does that then give the others the right to "rule."

That is not what a democracy is supposed to be about; not in my mind.   


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