Thursday, July 5, 2018

Poetry reading Steven Pelcman

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  1. I've just finished listening to this entire poetry reading. Thank you so much for sharing it! I truly admire your ability to paint pictures with your words - your skill in evoking emotion with your words. You write about things that I either can relate to or at least feel emotional about. Sometimes these are very sad things, but I admire that in brief words, you send my emotions there. For example, my mother’s Alzheimer’s is something fresh in my mind, even though a few years have passed and my mother-in-law lives with it now – visiting our home nearly every Sunday. The feelings about it are raw, yet I couldn’t stop listening, just because the topic was uncomfortable. I think that says a lot about your skill. I love that you write about your family, because it gives us a glimpse of your life, and it helps us get to know you as a poet. I love your poem about our dog Velvet, and of course I enjoyed hearing it read by you. It took me back to her chasing the Swallows and our children running around outside our Verbank home. That was a happy time for all of us. I truly enjoyed hearing the short introduction to each poem – to have the words that would follow put in perspective of what inspired you and having that “backstory” introducing each poem was so interesting! For some reason, “Born Again” and the poem of the Midwest w/ the three crosses (missed the title) – both brought tears. When I read poetry, I want to feel something - experience something - and this your work delivers!