Monday, January 8, 2018

Note about Ireland and Scotland 2017/18 pictures

Note about 2017/18 Ireland/Scotland pictures coming

What you see is truly what you get as the skies over these areas, cloud formations and colors are so deep and beautiful, so epic and expansive that you only need to have a decent camera and a decent eye to take great pictures. This is the Wild Atlantic coastal route with towns such as Bundoran, Westport, Clifden, Galway, Giant’s Causeway and later, Portrush, Belfast, Edinburgh and many others. Extremely friendly people, good service, clean environments, very little pollution, good food, colorful structures, old history and culture, and nature at every turn. What may seem like clouds, at times, is rain on the other side of a mountain coming closer, seagulls and geese, terns and old men taking walks; it’s all magical and accommodations are reasonable especially if you do B&Bs. Go to Ireland and enjoy all it has to offer and from Belfast take a ferry, which is incredibly high-tech with saunas, cinema, TV screens everywhere, music, restaurants and video games and it takes 2.5 hours to get to Scotland where by bus you can get to Edinburgh in 3 hours. 

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