Sunday, December 3, 2017

Political opinion December 2017

I was in my mid 20s during Watergate; great political fun and of course full of corruption and damaging aftereffects.  I've never been a republican fan, always felt they favored the rich, less inclusive and used religion to play too much of a role in their political perspectives plus their gender positions all meant I could not support them. This doesn't mean that there wasn't the occasional republican that I didn't support. NYC mayor Lindsay back in the day, was republican and I liked him. 

I wonder if we'll have an impeachment process even before the mid-terms 2018. To say that the Trump administration is corrupt is an understatement and that republican leaders like Ryan who I think is a weak, cowardly and with few values especially comparing him to previous House Speakers is a sad representation of party vs country.  All of this truly reflects just how divided America is. If this were the 1700s you'd see half the people wanting to stay a British colony and the rest wanting independence. That is how bad it is and when you throw in Trump's fascist idealism, the mainstream crime and if going forward there is another economic crisis you have a " perfect storm" scenario.

The new tax policy will not work in a few years as it's a temporary solution and it will fail right after Trump leaves office if he is reelected. If there is a swing back to Democrats they'll be blamed, social war breaks out and if Republicans win again then America will truly be on the slippery slope that cannot be stopped until there is an outcome to the civil revolution that will come. It can easily be a return to the 1960s but there will be a difference: now American institutions are much weaker, conservatives are far more mainstream and world affairs are more conflicted with fewer democratic leaders in power. Trump in power is a direct reflection of who and what America is.

Once the consequences of Trump's policies filter down and finally take hold and impact America you will see America as a weaker country which feeds China and Russia. We see Germany and the AFD Party, European countries favoring conservative policies, the USA States Department weaker compared to the last 75 years and social media playing such a decisive role in forming public opinion that life is so convoluted. There is chaos and there are so many differing points of view that the sense of community is changing which feeds the conflict and the civil strife. 

The age of America is in a downward spiral and Trump is speeding that up. His legacy will be leaving republican, conservative, religious racist values in place along with a Supreme court that supports those values. I am not suggesting that every republican thinking or voting person represents all of these values, but their votes ultimately do. Read any forum or comments when articles are published, and you can see the social divide. There is so much hatred exchanged that it widens rather than bridge the divide. The language used to portray a liberal thinking person and/or the language used to represent a republican and/or a conservative thinking person is a window to America's soul.

You cannot go anywhere in the USA that is safe from violent crime, not jogging, not taking your dog for a walk, not shopping in a mall, not walking home from school, not anywhere. A return to fewer social policies that provide greater protection re pollution, etc. all, literally all of this must logically come to a head and at exactly the time that China is starting to peek its head outside of its region, increasing its military and engaging in economic deals across the globe. This puts the USA against China and America's ego history will never accept becoming a weaker world power possibly leading to WW3.

This is where we are and the notion that dealing independently with nations on issues such as trade, a part of Trump's philosophy, is so pathetic. When you walk across the street on a red signal you take the risks inherent in that decision. When you decide to go it alone at the same time that distribution and global trade is part of a world structure you are walking against the red signal. Eventually, someone gets run over-that is how logic works.  

We witnessed the damage what a government embedded in negative, selfish, revenge based and ego-ridden values can do. After Lincoln was murdered the North during the post Civil War time period took positions that added to the rift between the north and the south. It took another 100 years for the Civil Rights Act to become the law of the land. 

If you truly believe that the age of Trump is a defining moment you must ask yourself exactly what is that definition and is it one that can lead, develop, grow, nurture and expand the values that America should represent. If it does, in your opinion, which countries and values does that align itself with? If not, then either become a voice for change or accept the circumstances. History should teach you a lesson-turn your back on it and you are doomed to fail again. 


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