Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Another July poem of the month

Taos Pueblo
(New Mexico pueblo-abandoned-tourists $10.00 per entry per person)

As old women shiver on the open plain
with buckets of water and wood
for kivas to send pinion-wood smoke
blowing through sage and high desert mesa,

you can press your ear
against a low moon
settling on the snowy foothills of Sangre de Cristo;
and hear dangling corn twirling

in the wind, whistling
through horse and cow skulls,
mud and straw
and over the cemetery’s white crosses

past a few old men straddling
a fence smoking tobacco
and waiting for winter.

Even though it is now
perfectly dark
you can feel their slouched shoulders
take on the mountain’s imperfections

and sense how the darkness
once filled everything
with the weight of wild horses.

Steven Pelcman
River Oak Review USA (Taos Pueblo-winter 2010)

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