Friday, April 28, 2017

Ego, Trump and lifestyle

Regardless of who the person is if that person has an ego, has a need to show off that ego either through oral interaction or by written means or by acts that reveal they are driven by ego, then that person has an agenda. In truth, every person that has a belief system, sees the world with their particular sense of vision, processes their values through a vision as to how they see the world and their place in it will have a philosophy that guides them and their oral interaction and their overall actions will follow that philosophy. When ego has been lived out and supported by life experiences it is hard to see the world and oneself any differently. These are the boxes every human being puts themselves in.

When a person has attained a certain lifestyle that incorporates luxury, as an example, then they see the world a certain way. Few are able to remain humble and their association with the world is determined by what they think, “good “is and this is often played out in the restaurants they eat at or where and how they travel and so on. That is the track of life they are on in the same manner that if a person who has lived life with very little money then their tastes in clothes as an example will be on a certain level because they are used to spending money on that level and their tastes begin to be associated with that level.

None of that is about good or bad or right versus wrong; it is simply that we tend to become how we see the world and who we are in it and our actions and lifestyle follow suit. So someone who does not read may have certain levels of how they see life and a person that never travels and interacts with other cultures may see those cultures from a certain perspective and so on.

We are generally guided by the life experiences we have and we define ourselves through those experiences and that becomes our philosophy and therein lays the agendas that are developed emanating from the lives we have lived.

When you live a life heavily guided by your ego and as an example, you lie because your job may require that approach you get used to lying and you then define lying differently because your vision of yourself, because of your ego, cannot see the differences and the consequences of the lies. This is often how a criminal processes. This is how a criminal often sees the world. A criminal, as an example, robbing a bank might kill someone because that person is in the way of robbing the bank and it does not come down to right or wrong, it simply comes down to an act that was necessary to achieve the crime and ego, world vision, personal philosophy, a sense of self all plays a role in the final act of a crime in this case.

If you follow the train of thought you better understand how Trump can lie and not see it as a lie. If you understand this you see how Trump can incite people to violence and not see himself as having done that. When a car salesman as an example says certain things that some may believe to be underhanded, dishonest to a degree they do not see themselves as engaged in any sense of immoral act. To them, it is just a matter of fact, a means to interact, and a philosophy that is geared at the bottom-line and achieving a sale.

People will say, you do what you have to do. And we all forgive that and understand it.
Many Americans forgive Trump because they generally process life on their levels in the same manner. When a whistle blower acts and mostly because they believe they are doing something positive and socially responsible, they are often outcaste, attacked and we focus as a society on their behavior rather than the issue that caused the whistleblower to act to begin with. We often act as a society from a perspective of disbelief and even though the law says, innocent until proven guilty, we actually live by the unspoken law of guilty until proven innocent.

Trump has managed to make the media the focus and not policies or the agendas that opposing political factions have which are often driven by the need to attain power and not because their interests are those of the American people. This is not to say that there aren’t good people wanting to do good things, there are but they are often not the driving force and they are also vulnerable to the “vote”.

Few are people who will jump on the grenade to save others. There are few selfless acts.

The media has agendas like all people, all governments, all businesses everywhere BUT the media is NOT the enemy.

You must all know: the enemy is always within.

Trump has always been his own enemy and his lifestyle, acts, behavior, oral interaction throughout the years have always proven that. Those that follow him or anyone blindly and look for blame, scapegoats, reasons to misdirect or redirect are overlooking the very obvious, Trump is who and what he has always been and awaiting change is a foolish endeavor. He has proven his entire life, he need not change. The consequences of his actions, processes, beliefs, values will always affect others but never ever affect Donald Trump.


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