Sunday, April 2, 2017

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The world is your oyster unless you swallow it!

Toledo is a stunning city and wonderful for pictures. 2,000 years of history live today in the cobble-stoned streets and alleyways, the churches and hilltop appearance, the massive stone-faced monastery and the old Jewish quarter, the different city gates and bridges, the Cathedral and Greco artwork and over 40 highlight sites to see, walk around and take pictures of. Tip: Take the 71 bus (found next to and across from-around the corner-of Zocodover Plaza) out of town to the Parrador hotel for incredible overview night shots of Toldeo lit up at night. Social and nightlife center is Zocodover. Only 35 minutes from Madrid by bus, Toldeo should not be missed. It is great for day and night time pictures. Read up on some history before going. There is plenty to see here and photographers will love it.

Hotel Santa Isabel is near the Cathedral and City tourist center although at first, it is not so easy to find but once you do you find your way back without problems. I took the local bus from the main bus station and once in the city I asked around on how to get to the hotel and I had a cop on motorcycle lead the way and I followed; cannot get better than that. This 2 star property is well designed with wood and hotel interior furniture displayed making it look more like a 3-4 star property rather than 2 stars. The rooms are simple but there are phones, tv that plays many stations including English news, BBC, Euronews, etc. Internet tends to come and go at times and rooms are cleaned daily. There is an elevator unlike the Madrid Hostal. No fridge or cooker. Breakfast is on offer for 5€ but not much to write home about; pass. Reception personnel are very friendly but as elsewhere in Spain, English is a hit and miss and at most sites English is generally not well used and that includes at museums. Overall, the hotel is really more than a 2 star property and the price is right!

The Cathedral is expensive but most other sites are reasonable and the artwork-handmade of gold filled and silver of various products are worth a good look. Food is more expensive for certain things than originally thought. Especially in good weather, Toldeo is worth 2 nights and Hotel Santa Isabel is a fine choice. There is a phone in the room and wake-up call service is available and they have a 3rd floor with outdoor breakfast dining on a balcony in the right season and one can take good pics from there as well.

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