Monday, March 27, 2017

Thought of the day

We have witnessed particular social activities in the public within the last 6 months. It may be easy to dismiss things due to media agendas, the normal business of making money which is attracted by events that gain loads of publicity and often becomes social media celebrations, so to speak but the social ills of society are for real. America has experienced many stages of conflict regarding race, prejudice and so on throughout the years from abuse, labeling people as commodities or aiming the ills of the world at one religion, etc. Stages and time periods have seen everything from slavery to putting Japanese people into camps, to blaming everything on Jews to race riots and so on and with each conflict there has been both positive evolution as well as many struggles and challenges that America has witnessed including political abuse, corruption, death, hangings, KKK, assassinations, new laws and all of the history has been about conflict, a lack of respect, understanding, and acceptance. The country has for most of its history been a divided nation including during the Revolutionary war. The division has often been incited by hatred and fear such as the 1950s and the threat of communism, a political practice, belief and threats that actually never existed. There has never really been communism but there have been many dictators practicing aspects of many political structures which have been opposed to the free market democracy America practices. After all, exactly who was punished for doing what during the 1950s other than the Rosenbergs and that was for selling and handing over American secrets illegally as they were spies and there have been others since but the point is that that was not about communism-it was about a government trying to steal American secrets and that has taken place a ton of times by many governments including America over the years. The point is that as a people, America has been brainwashed to believe in the agendas put forward by politicians, the media and so on and it has served its purpose, one heavily protested by other governments and peoples throughout the world because America has been wrong as much as it has been right. If another country had an NSA and practiced what America does how would America react?

After all of that, we are at a place where, in my opinion, we are going backward, back to a time when race conflict and all that comes with it has become more open than at any other time since the 1960s-70s.

At this time in world history with the Middle East full of war and pain and destined to probably continue for many years, with the Chinese stepping outside their region as literally occupying the South East Asian part of the world, with terrorist organizations springing up everywhere, with the North Korean threat, with Russian aggression on the rise, with globalization and a 24/7 mentality that has indeed impacted social structures and the mentality of people everywhere, with the media, fear, a lack of cultural understanding so centrally at the core of values which have regressed in many respects, with trade, pollution, global warming, which unbelievably so many do not accept exists, with Europe and immigration and the far right gaining power everywhere, Do you really think that having  DONALD TRUMP in the White House with all of these challenges and with the foundation he has helped to create that you can now all of a sudden  put the genie back in the bottle? He is the American president and that has to be respected but in thinking of his own values and behavior and knowing that America is showing its scars, wounds, pain, hatred, lack of acceptance, inability to integrate and being able to stop the racism and fear that it is showing its true character on so many levels that it may be returning to an age when all of this was fought out on the streets. This does not mean that there aren’t those who know better and reject what is going on but the entire point is that it still reflects America as a country unable to come together and realize exactly what its identity is and/or what it wants it to be. And with all of this going on do you really think it is in America’s best interests that Trump is in the White House?

Just a thought of the day!

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  1. Hi Steven,

    Awesome that you decided to start writing down your thougths on a blog. I liked the genie in a bottle part. The blog looks good even on the smartphone, just some pictures would make it more pretty.

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